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What Our Carlisle Patients Say

At Carlisle Family Chiropractic Clinic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Beyond My Expectations

I looked up Chiropractors close to me. I saw Dr. Dave’s name and location and was very happy there was a Chiropractor near me. My experience when calling for an appointment was friendly helpful and encouraging. My first appointment was beyond my expectations. Dr. Dave was informative understanding and such a terrific person to talk with. Further appointments confirmed that I am truly grateful to have such a wonderful staff and Chiropractor that have accommodated my needs professionally and with care and friendliness in every way. Thank you for all you do so well.

Beverly F.

Feeling Relief After First Adjustment

Lynda and Sandi are very friendly, welcoming and helpful. Dr. Dave took the time to explain the scan test results and answers my questions. And the best thing was feeling relief after my first adjustment. Thank you!

- Diane K.

Patient-Centered and Family-Oriented

My husband and I just started coming to Dr. Dave. We had an amazing chiropractor before him but when he retired we didn’t know what to do. After scanning the internet and talking to friends, we were fortunate in finding a patient-centered and family-oriented chiropractor in Carlisle. Dr. Dave has provided us with highly effective treatments and a renewed confidence that we are part professional health team that will help to restore and maintain the health of our family.

- Judy S.

Great Experience All Around

Thank you! This was my first chiropractic visit and I am already looking forward to my next appointment. Dr. David is very knowledgeable and really takes the time to understand and explain to make the most of the appointments and makes me feel my well-being is of utmost importance. Lynda was very kind and a great welcome to the office. Great experience all around.

- Jaclyn T.

Warm Friendly Atmosphere

I was very pleased with the warm friendly atmosphere, and the thorough explanation of what they are all about and what they can do for me. I have been to many Chiropractors but I have never had treatment like this before, I was very pleased.

- Allan E.

Focus On Total Body Health

I have suffered with neck and back pain for many years due to a car accident and weight gain and have had my share of chiropractic care in the past. In the past three years we moved to the Carlisle area, I lost 80lbs, eat healthier and I am in better shape but my back and neck pain still bothered me. This has affected my sleep, energy levels and I was taking up to eight prescription pain pills per day. Not good for my system.

I found Dr. Veeneman and what a difference. After the first adjustment I was able to stretch my back and turn my neck – not locked up. After several weeks of adjustments I am off all pain medication and my flexibility, sleep patterns and energy has significantly improved. I think this is due to his combination of old and new school techniques that he uses. He focuses on total body health and not just the specific pain points. Thanks for helping to improve my life style. Also, his team is very professional and their focus is also to improve ones self. Thanks!

- Vince P.

Very Happy I Chose The Advice Of Other Clients

Very happy I chose to take the advice from not only one but three clients of yours to stop in. Nice friendly atmosphere, professional attention paid and methodically run. Great hours offered to all of us working people and detailed explanations of what is or isn’t about to happen. Would have and already have highly recommended your services. Wished I would have contacted you earlier!

- Sue G.

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