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Our Carlisle Family Chiropractic Clinic Team!

Dr. David Veeneman | Carlisle Chiropractor

Dr. David marathon photo

Dr. David Veeneman after completing the 2018 Boston Marathon.

I never gave chiropractic care much thought either. Why would I? As a young athlete, I stayed in pretty good shape, enjoyed relatively good health, and never thought much farther ahead than next season. Most of my experience in health care was visiting emergency rooms for stitches and sprained ankles. I equated health with being injury free. When I did get injured, Advil or Tylenol numbed the pain and a course of physio gave me therapy and exercise necessary to rehabilitate the problem area. The goal always seemed to be to get back to the shape I was in prior to getting hurt. Wow, talk about short term thinking! It would be years before my ideas of health and wellness dramatically changed.

Becoming a Carlisle Chiropractor

My journey towards truly understanding health began during my studies at McMaster University where I completed a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree and then a Master’s degree in Human Biodynamics. Finally, I attended the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College where I won the A. Earl Homewood award for excellence in research before graduating with the External Clinic Award when I obtained my Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

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It was during my time in Chiropractic College that I experienced an extraordinary shift in my understanding of health and wellness. The year prior to entering Chiropractic College, I had been suffering from post-concussion headaches and finding only short-term relief from traditional medical care. My first ever chiropractic adjustment came shortly after starting school. Within weeks of receiving regular chiropractic treatment I was headache free! What’s more, I started to notice increased energy, was sleeping better and had generally improved vitality. I learned firsthand that our bodies have an amazing innate ability to heal and that becoming symptom free is only the first step in realizing our true potential for health and well-being.

Dr. David Veeneman, Carlisle Chiropractor, with his family.

Dr. David Veeneman with his family.

Carlisle Family Chiropractic Clinic Came to Life

Empowered with the knowledge that the chiropractic adjustment is a vital component of being optimally healthy, I opened Carlisle Family Chiropractic in 2002. Our mission is to ensure that people don’t have to wait nearly three decades, as I did, to learn about and discover their potential for true health. In keeping with this commitment, I have continued my studies in chiropractic wellness by taking additional courses in the specialization of pediatric care.

Outside of the Clinic

My wife Andrea and I are blessed to be able to provide our two boys the opportunity to grow and develop within a wellness oriented lifestyle that has included chiropractic adjustments from their first hours of life. Achieving wellness also involves active living so keep your eyes open as you drive through Flamborough and you might see me running on any given day. A passionate runner, I can often be found running the streets of Carlisle in preparation for my next marathon. If not, look for me on one of the local golf courses (probably in the trees somewhere).

Heather – CHA


Heather Nelligan | Chiropractic Health Assistant

Heather is an honours graduate from the business program at Mohawk college and more recently studied Chefs training and Pastry Arts at Niagara College. She considers herself a student of life who is always seeking to learn new ways to eat healthy, reduce stress and maintain balance. Heather is passionate about her family, music, baking and living life to its fullest potential and she is committed to achieving optimal health, for herself, her family and our patients.

Lynda H.

Lynda – CHA


Lynda Bonus | Chiropractic Health Assistant

Lynda has lived in the Flamborough community nearly all her life and currently resides in Millgrove with her husband Tom, daughter Grace and timid feline friend, Midnight.  She has always worked in service of people because that is where her heart is!  Through her roles in restaurant, office, finance, youth ministry and retail sales she has been privileged to interact and build relationships with people from many walks of life.  Her positive attitude, generous spirit and compassionate nature make her a perfect fit for our clinic.

When Lynda is not here you can probably find her leading group fitness, practicing yoga, working in the garden, reading a book, dreaming about the beach or cooking for friends and family.  She is passionate about seeking and living an abundant life and is a firm believer that regular chiropractic care is an integral part of the journey!

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