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Perfect Storm - Causes behind Neuro-Developmental Disorders

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A Recipe for Childhood Disorders from
Chronic Ear Infections to ADHD and even Autism

Does your child struggle with health challenges from chronic ear infections to perhaps even ADHD Spectrum and Sensory related issues?

Have you tried multiple therapies and perhaps even multiple medications?

If you answered YES to either of these questions, you need to attend this informative and impactful event.

Led by wellness expert Dr. David Veeneman, this important presentation will take you through many of the common “ingredients” that constitute these now pandemic issues affecting the health and vitality of our children.

Sharing this information so you can be prepared to take that first step towards your child’s health and happiness is the primary goal of this event. You won’t leave just with information about these challenges; you will leave feeling empowered with knowledge and positive action steps you can put in place immediately to help your child live the life they deserve.

We look forward to sharing a healthier view of your child’s future with you.


Seating is very LIMITED (just 30 seats)

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7:00 – 8:30 pm: Dr. David Veeneman presenting The Perfect Storm

Dr. David is a family focused chiropractor with extensive additional training and education specific to the care of pediatrics. Dr. David has a beautiful wife, Andrea, and two amazing little men, Caden and Nolan, that have never required antibiotics to help their body’s natural and innate intelligence ward off sickness. Dr. David is a health and wellness nut that loves running, backcountry canoeing and spending time with his family.

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