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Carlisle Pediatric Chiropractor

As a pediatric chiropractor, Dr. Dave has always held a special place in his heart for children, but it was only when he became a dad himself that he realized how vital it was for kids to experience optimal health. His purpose became further solidified after studying the disturbing trends in pediatric health that show a dramatic increase in childhood illnesses such as asthma, allergies, depression and ADHD and autism.

Clearly, something has to change to reverse this downward spiral. Dr. Dave feels that the primary culprit is our current “stressful” environment and less-than-ideal lifestyles. The place to start is with our children, and it’s our responsibility to optimize their growth and development so that they can grow into healthy adults. Fortified with knowledge, parents can make the difference between their child growing up with wellness and strong family bonds versus impaired health and a family torn apart by medical issues.

If you’ve been looking for a kids’ chiropractor or infant chiropractor, you should know that Dr. Dave attained mastery in pediatric chiropractic. He’s undergone advanced study through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and has completed EPIC pediatric foundational work as part of the renowned Perfect Storm training.

What Is the Perfect Storm?

We love children and, just like their parents, want to protect them from harm and ensure they have the capacity to grow and develop to their in-born, genetic potential. We are passionate and driven to educate moms and dads and help them to understand how stressors such as the ones below have helped to create a “perfect storm” of dysfunction:

  • Trauma (stressful pregnancy, birth trauma, poor posture, frequent falls and ‘minor’ accidents)
  • Toxins (processed food and toxic diets, over-use of antibiotics, allergens, poor air quality)
  • Thoughts (emotional stress, busy lifestyle, technology overload)

The ingredients of this perfect storm have helped to contribute to the current climate of neurodevelopmental problems seen in our children: ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, sensory issues and seizures.

For the convenience of our patients, we regularly offer Perfect Storm Workshops to help parents understand this widespread issue that now affects the health and vitality of our children. Once you’ve attended one of these impactful workshops, you’ll leave feeling empowered with positive action steps you can put into place immediately.

Just call our office to reserve your seat at our next gathering!

Help Comes in Many Forms

We’ve been able to support the health of our young patients in many astonishing ways. Here are just a few out of dozens of examples:

    • The teen aged daughter of one of our patients was diagnosed with progressive hearing loss by an audiologist. After four chiropractic treatments, the problem resolved and her hearing is back in normal range.
    • A 4- year-old boy had undergone eight rounds of antibiotics for chronic ear infections, and his doctor said he had to have tubes inserted. His mom was referred by one of our patients, and this woman drove an hour one way to our office to see if we could help. During the course of chiropractic care, the little boy  found that his ear infections resolved. He’s not had a single occurrence since.
    • The parents of a 12-year-old boy were highly advised to get their son on medication for ADHD, as he was spending more time in the principal’s office than he was in the classroom. Instead, he was treated instead for two months by Dr. Dave. At the end of that time, his teacher pulled aside the parents at a parent-teacher conference to thank them for following her advice and medicating their son. Though the parents never medicated their son, they were grateful for their son’s remarkable improvement during chiropractic care without the downside of possible drug side effects.

Does your baby suffer from colic, feeding problems or digestive distress? Do your kids have issues with ear infections, low energy or constant colds? Does your child struggle with maintaining focus and concentration or is being asked to use medication to control behaviors at school?

Consider adding gentle chiropractic care to further support the health of your family.  It may have the answers you’re seeking. Contact us today for a convenient appointment!

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